A tool for effective communication in the workplace.

A tool for effective communication in the workplace. Transactional Analysis (TA) Transactional analysis theory also is based on the fact that along with our personality, we can interact from one of three “ego-states”: Parent, Adult, Child. These state exist in us irrespective of age. They have their languages. The Parent: Language of value, authority, The Adult: Language of logic and rationality and, The Child: language of emotions, For effective communication, we must: ???? Keep transactions complementary. When transactions are complementary, conversation flows. ???? Move into the Adult State by asking questions, stating facts while asking for opinions and views. ???? Always ask for help, advice, opinion and communicate your fears. It may surprise you to notice that many managers,supervisors and employees immediately take on the Controlling Parent ego when communicating in the workplace, which inevitably causes a failure in communication. Therefore, In the workplace, communication between individuals should always be in Adult ego-state. In that way, individuals are thoughtful, reasonable, and able to make mature decisions. Success in workplace, starts with effective communication.