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    Francis Onasanya

    The identification of environmental aspects is an important step towards recognizing their impacts on our planet. This proves helpful in setting and formulating environmental objectives, targets, and other programs that may be directed towards solving environmental problems.

    Environmental Aspect: Is an element of an organization’s activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.A full aspect identification should be carried out just as u carry out HAZID as well

    It’s only then, u would classify aspects and then know the significant ones and then put controls..

    Once u are doing this, it means you are already running an EMS. It pains me to hear people say “there is no waste, hence no need to environmental professionals here”

    Waste is not the only environmental aspect. Infact, after much analysis, it may not even be a significant aspect in some operations.

    There are two types of environmental aspects:

    (i) Direct Environmental Aspect:This is from Activities over which a company can be expected to have an influence and control. For example, emissions from processes.

    (ii) Indirect Environmental Aspect:This is an actual or Potential activities over which the organization can be expected to have an influence, but no control. For example, supply chain controlled aspects, customer controlled aspects, aspects managed elsewhere within the same company.

    •Emissions to air.
    • Release to water.
    • Waste
    • Contamination of land.
    • Impact on communities.
    • Use of raw materials and natural resources.
    • Other local environmental and community issues.

    There is an acronym we use to remember key aspects during our IEMA professional exams;

    R – raw material consumption
    E- energy usage
    L- land use
    A- air emissions
    H- hazardous material usage, storage and consumption
    E -emissions to water
    N- noise generation
    S- solid waste
    Think of aspect as a cause and impact as effect. Most environmental impact are irreversible hence strict adherence to controls are to be in place. So, u control aspect and u mitigate impact.

    Let me tell u something
    *Do you know that the direction of the wind and orientation of your building has a lot to do with the indoor air quality and electricity bills?

    *Do you know that the law requires that you must have a certain distance (8m) between your borehole and septic tanks?

    Environment is beyond waste Management mbok. Even if your process is operating within AlARP, or ALARA, it doesn’t mean you should shut down hse or environment department.

    You keep monitoring and maintaining the standard set

    *I remember a company GM once said; “we havnt had fire in 6years, so let’s sack the fire chief”


    Final words;

    Every Organization Needs an Environmental Management System (EMS). It helps sustainable businesses implement systems that can help reduce an organization’s impact on the environment while improving operating efficiency.

    If you want introduce and implement EMS, the the right question to ask is; “Does the business have interactions with the environment?”

    If the answer is yes, then the business needs an EMS

    NOTE: That having an EMS doesn’t mean that it must be certified..

    U can self-acclaim or self-declare I.e. u can implement but not certify

    But to say they don’t need ems is not fair
    Banks are are now hiring hse these days because HSE is making many companies not to be able to make profit and then pay the load

    *The head of environmental risk in access bank is a white man

    We think environment is not important, them go get white man to do our job. Please let us think global people.

    Hse has gone beyond pep talk and ppe insusance.

    *Start there, but don’t remain there.
    We are not learning fast enough to take up jobs and white peoples are taking our jobs just cos they think better than us

    Create a niche for yourself and you would succeed.

    God created you for impact, please the world awaits your manifestation
    Learn a thing or two from they profiles of great hse personalities. Get a mentor
    from (www.talentsandmentor.com) and ask questions when in doubt.
    Others are hijacking HSE because we aren’t seeing the opportunities that are available
    Instead of complaining, proffer solutions (even if it is free)

    Thank you.
    Essien Efon
    (Environmental Consultant)

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    Very true, you can manage environmental aspects from simple tasks like two sided printing. The best part is that EMS reduces operational costs on the long run.

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