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      Kayode Etti

      Stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demamd or threat. When we sense danger either pyshically, psychologically or emotionally, the body goes into defence mode and this is what triggers the `stress reponse’.

      Stress can be categorised into positive and negative. Positive stress can be linked to a brain neurotransmitter called `Endorphins’. Endorphins is a brian chemical that is released to help disguise pain for a particular period, e.g runners high(when a jogger is physically exhausted but suddenly gets strength to finish his/her lap). Positive stress helps you rise to challenges, it is basically the right amount of stress you need for positive outcome,like preparing for an interview of your dream job or playing the deciding penalty in a football match even in emergency cases like slamming the brakes to avoid accident.
      Negative stress on the other hand is basically total physical and mental drainess. it is common among the working class across all industries.

      Our nervous system isn’t very good at distinguishing between emotional and physical threats. If you’re super stressed over an argument with a friend, a work deadline, or a mountain of bills, your body can react just as strongly as if you’re facing a true life-or-death situation. Been stress out frequently can lead to serious health problems like:
      • Depression and anxiety
      • Insomnia
      • Memory problems
      • Unhealthy weight gains
      • Heart diseases and
      • Reproductive issues.
      The best way to handle stress is to live a compartmentalized and principled life style especially when it comes to work and life. Do not take work to the house and do not bring the house to work.
      If you find yourself experiencing chronic stress symptoms you may need to improve your ability to handle stress.
      • Build positive relationships and rid yourself of toxic relationships.
      • Self control. Take full emotional and mental control of your life and choices.
      • Have a better Attitude towards life and how the world works.
      • Knowledge and preparation; the more you know about a situation the less stressful it becomes.
      • Learn to relax
      • Be active, regular exercise heals the body both physically and mentally.
      Watch out for these symptoms in yourself, family, friends, co-workers, employees and employers. Most people dont know when or how to ask for help and you never know when you are saving a life.
      Check up on your colleagues, friends and family today Sometimes a phone call or an high five is all you need to save a life!
      KAYODE Etti

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