Is Zero HSE Incidents Achievable?

Most organisations in Nigeria record HSE incidents and accidents and see these are normal part of the daily tasks and operations.

Some other organisations have taken a further step to investigate their incidents and initiate corrective actions and other preventive actions but still have some other forms of accidents occurring.

In my opinion organisations with high risk operations can achieve ZERO HSE incidents if the organization’s leadership set the right frame and implement a robust HSE program. This includes but not limited to planning, training, communication, auditing and reviewing performance periodically.

Leadership commitment and passion for HSE is key to achieving ZERO HSE incidents and communicating same focus to employee in an effective way is also vital.

Reward and recognition programs, simplified HSE procedures/ processes, Job safety analysis, permit to work, risk management programs, incident reporting, incident investigations, HSE trainings, appropriate PPEs, maintenance and inspections of tools and equipment, contractor management programs among others are HSE tools which organisations can implement.

STOP WORK AUTHORITY (SWA) is a powerful tool which organization’s leadership should empower employees and contractors with to STOP any unsafe task in a safe manner and express their observation to the involved workers. The SWA tool has to be backed by the leadership to ensure no employee gets reprimanded for implementing it. Also employees that display excellent use of the SWA should be motivated to encourage others.

During periodic HSE performance reviews, HSE leading and lagging indicators should be adequately reviewed and compared year on year with targets set to check how the HSE program is running and identify areas of focus for the organisation.. to be continued…Akeem Mustapha

1 thought on “Is Zero HSE Incidents Achievable?”

  1. Your use of incidents and accidents to mean the same thing might make it difficult to answer the question
    If you are to use incident in the general sense then its dependent on the particular class of incident your referring to: Near Misses/Near Loss, FAC,MTC,LTI……
    The aim of every Safety Management System is to have an LTI free workplace and this can be achieved with some of the tools you itemized in your article. However Near miss as a classification of incident is also a tool in preventing LTI , hence its occurrence is welcome development ,as it exposes a gap in the system that will lead to management review of the system and action for continuous improvement.
    Hence if nearloss is to be referred to as incident in HSE , its occurrence is a good development for an SMS.

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