In the wake of the event of a popular musician losing his child, it is pertinent that we look at ways to stay safe around the swimming pool so that we are well guided and can guide our loved ones better.Yearly numerous kids are reported injured or caught drowned both in swimming pools. Unfortunately some were found dead.

Let us first note that the pool is only safe when EVERYONE follows the rules.Below are very simple safety tips you should have in mind each time you are around a swimming pool.

    No one should ever swim alone. NO ONE!! No matter how good you are, make sure that there is always someone within ear reach while you swim.
    Caution children against showing off and playing rough and explain the dangers of running and diving recklessly.
    Never push others into the pool. This might sound fun to you but if given the statistics of injury caused by people being pushed into the pool, you’d be amazed.
    Keep rescue devices and first aid supplies near the pool.
    Teach children what to do in case of emergency. An alarm bell that could summon help would be a very good idea. This alarm bell should be readily within reach..
    Keep electrical appliances such as radios out of the pool area because of the hazard of electrical shock. Never use extension cords around a pool or spa.
    Never swim after drinking alcoholic beverages, eating, or taking medications.
    Know your limit. Check the water depth. You don’t want to get hurt diving into water that’s too shallow or get drowned on a part of the swimming pool that is too deep for you.
    Know what to do in an emergency – learn First Aid and CPR
    Always inform your friends and everyone around the pool of key safety advice
    Children and weak swimmers should be closely supervised by an adult at all times and weak swimmers should stay within the pool’s recommended safety depths
    No running! You could slip or trip — hurting not just yourself, but someone else as well.
    In your home, secure doors and windows leading to the pool, so kids don’t have access from inside the house.
    Pool signs and depth markers are also extremely important to have in the pool area. These pool depth markers can be applied to vinyl, ceramic tile and tempered glass overlays. Signs that should be in your pool area can include “No Jumping”, “No Diving, Shallow Water” and “Slippery When Wet”.
    NEVER enter the water when a utility pump is running.
    NEVER put an aluminum vacuum handle into the pool.
    NEVER swim in your pool or hot tub during an electrical storm.

Everyone who owns a pool knows that it needs care and maintenance. One of the major things is that a non-treated and improperly cared for pool can be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects that can carry diseases to your family.

    Also, if you do not keep up with your pool cleaning and maintenance, the water could become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae that could make your family ill if it is ingested or gets into the skin through an open wound.Pool chemicals and chlorine should be stored in a locked area and kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Swimming can be a lot of fun but please at all times, be alert and aware of your environment around the swimming pool.

Chidinma, WHSE- Nigeria..

Right Way, Safe Way, Always..


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